The owner of a financial asset. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
The party whose assets are being invested, and that benefits from the performance of the investment. It can either be an individual or organisation. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary

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investor in‧vest‧or [ɪnˈvestə ǁ -ər] noun [countable] FINANCE
a person or organization that invests money in order to make a profit:

• Investors are confused about where to put their money in stocks.

• Investor confidence in the market is growing.

investor in

• Britain is the second largest foreign investor in Mexico.

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Types of investor
A financier is a person or organization that provides money for investment. It can also be someone who works in a financial institution and is responsible for particular investments. For example, a corporate financier arranges investments in companies. A backer is a general word for someone who supports a plan, person, or company by giving them money. A speculator is someone who buys goods, shares, property, or foreign currency etc in the hope that their value will increase so that they can be sold again at a much higher price and make a large profit. A venture capitalist is someone who invests money in new businesses, especially when this involves taking risks.
ˈangel inˌvestor FINANCE
a private investor who puts money into new business activities, especially ones based on advanced technical ideas; = business angel
instiˌtutional inˈvestor FINANCE BANKING
a financial institution such as a bank or insurance company that invests in something:

• The bonds were allocated to institutional investors, rather than individual investors.

ˌpersonal inˈvestor FINANCE
a person who invests their own money in financial markets, and is not working for a financial institution or as a professional investor:

• The system is designed to deal separately with professional market operators and personal investors.

ˌprivate inˈvestor FINANCE
a person or a private company (= one whose shares are privately held and not traded on a stockmarket ) that makes investments, rather than a public company (= one whose shares are traded on a stockmarket ) :

• They advise small businesses and link them up with private investors.

proˌfessional inˈvestor FINANCE JOBS
someone whose job is investing, either for themselves or for a financial organization:

• bond fund managers and other professional investors

ˈretail inˌvestor FINANCE
a person or organization that invests, but that is not a financial intermediary (= financial institution that deals in bonds, shares etc):

• Demand for the notes from retail investors and commercial banks was weaker than expected.

ˌrisk-aˈverse inˌvestor FINANCE
someone who prefers to invest in shares etc that carry the lowest risk:

• He finds the bonds appealing for risk-averse investors because, as long as you don't cash them in for five years, you collect a minimum interest rate of 6%.

ˌsmall inˈvestor FINANCE
someone who invests relatively small amounts of money for themselves, in addition to their usual job:

• Small investors will receive a 4 percent discount on the sale price of the stock.

ˈvalue inˌvestor FINANCE
someone who invests in stocks, shares etc that are considered to be selling at less than their real worth:

• Professional value investors have noticed some stocks in their portfolios moving into the selling range.

ˈvulture inˌvestor FINANCE
a person or organization that invests in companies etc that are in financial difficulty, for example by buying their debt or shares very cheaply:

• Many vulture investors see more big gains ahead, now that the stores show signs of a sales upturn.

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investor UK US /ɪnˈvestər/ noun [C] FINANCE
a person, organization, or country that puts money into something in order to make a profit or receive interest: an investor in sth »

The largest investor in the non-manufacturing sector was the UK.


a large/major investor

an institutional/individual/private investor »

Much of the increase in private investor activity has come through online dealing.


a foreign/international/overseas investor

See also ANGEL INVESTOR(Cf. ↑angel investor), INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR(Cf. ↑institutional investor), PERSONAL INVESTOR(Cf. ↑personal investor), PROFESSIONAL INVESTOR(Cf. ↑professional investor), RETAIL INVESTOR(Cf. ↑retail investor), SMALL INVESTOR(Cf. ↑small investor), VALUE INVESTOR(Cf. ↑value investor), VULTURE INVESTOR(Cf. ↑vulture investor)

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